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PRIDE Month Bundle Reading Guides
Celebrate and support LGBTQIA+ families with our specially curated book bundle! Featuring three heartwarming books, this collection highlights how families love, care for each other, spend time together, and express joy.
Every child can feel proud of their family with these inclusive stories that celebrate all kinds of families. Dive into these wonderful books that showcase the beauty of diverse family experiences.
Take Me Out to the Yakyu


Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly

Photographer: Shelley Rotner

Some families are big, some are smallSome families have one parent, some have twoSome families have two moms and some have two dads. Families are diverse, and diversity is great!  

Ideas to Spark Conversation

Who is in your family? Is your family big or small? Do you look like your grown-ups? Now look inside the book againIs a family like yours shown in this book?

Activities to Try

  • Be your family’s photographer. Take pictures of each person and the group.  
  • Write a story about going someplace with your family. What did you see and do? How did you feel? 
  • With a grown-up’s help, call a family member and ask them how their day is going. 

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