‘Sophie’s Choice’ in the Classroom

Do teachers move forward to cover the objectives associated with the standardized test for that grade? Or do they slow down and make sure their students master the material before moving ahead?

Why reading? Why third grade? Why CLI?

Teacher in Class

“Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI) is a non-profit that works with teachers to transform instruction so that children can become powerful readers, writers and thinkers.”

This is why we come to work every day – a core belief that the cornerstone of

Getting the ABC’s of learning to read with the Children’s Literacy Initiative

September 2, 2014 CLI’s new executive director, Dr. Joel Zarrow, PhD, was recently introduced to Philadelphia educators, board members and city officials at its Market St. offices. Zarrow made sure his audience understood his commitment to bringing kids in grades K-3 up to “snuff” and grade level when it comes to reading and writing. View Article

Great Instruction is the CORE

Common CoreBy Dr. Joel Zarrow, Executive Director, Children’s Literacy Initiative

I’ll just say it: I think it’s right and appropriate that the Common Core State Standards are making our nation’s educational standards more rigorous. Our kids can do it. We need it to compete.

A message from Executive Director Joel Zarrow, PhD: “This, I Believe”

In my first several weeks as Executive Director of Children’s Literacy Initiative, I have had the opportunity to introduce myself to a lot of new people. It is important to me to convey aspects of myself that aren’t necessarily apparent from my resume or some surreptitious Google search that we might do when we want to find out about the new person joining the team.