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Social Media Toolkit

Harness the power of social media for good and empower your network to give back!

It's time to rally your friends, family, and followers for a cause you believe in, transforming education through literacy to support teachers, improve schools, and empower children to pursue their dreams.
Our online toolkit empowers you to turn your passion into action. Share compelling stories, eye-catching content, and inspire your friends, family, and colleagues to contribute to our noble cause. Together, we can make an impact!

Follow the directions below to download the various graphics and share the videos on your social media profiles. If you have any questions or issues, please contact Justin Hudson at

Download the image(s) below by clicking the download button and saving the image to your computer or mobile device. 

Log on to your social media account, like as Facebook or Instagram.

Copy and paste one of the sample messages below into your status update—or create your own message that includes the #LiteracytoLiberation hashtag.

Upload the image you saved onto your computer or mobile device to accompany your status update.

Post your status update and encourage others to join the #LiteracytoLiberation celebration.

Sample Posts

Unlock the power of education with us! 📚 Join the CLI community of supporters across the nation and be a catalyst for change. Together, we're transforming literacy instruction and changing lives. Give today! 💙 #LiteracyMatters #SupportCLI #LiteracytoLiberation

Let's write a brighter future for children together! 📝 Join the nationwide community of supporters and give to CLI. Your donation helps us empower teachers and transform literacy instruction for children's success. Give today! 💪 #LiteracyHeroes #SupportEducation #LiteracytoLiberation

Every child deserves the gift of literacy. 🌟 Join us in our mission to improve teachers' skills and boost children's academic achievement through effective literacy instruction. Your support makes it possible! Donate now and make a difference. 📖 #EducateEveryChild #DonateForLiteracy #LiteracytoLiberation

Together, we can rewrite the story of education! 📖 Join CLI’s nationwide community of supporters and help us revolutionize literacy instruction. Your generosity brings brighter futures to children. Donate now! 💙 #ChangeMakers #DonateForKids #Literacy to Liberation


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