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Inspiring a Love of Literacy Webinar

Inspiring a Love of Literacy Webinar 

At CLI, we made a commitment and choice to begin with read aloud as it supports the high-level whole class instruction focused on children’s higher-order thinking that is essential for equity in education.

Session Goals

  • Be able to articulate why read aloud and text discussion are essential to equitable literacy instruction
  • Continue to refine our vision of equitable read aloud/shared text experiences

Critical literacy approaches remind us that texts are not neutral – and how we approach texts is not neutral either. Children come to text discussions with knowledge, background, ideas, capabilities, etc. And it's our job to honor, affirm, sustain, and grow the funds of knowledge children come to our classrooms with.

We want to look at read alouds through the lens of equity. Read alouds:
Disrupt the “pedagogy of poverty” by building on children’s cognitive capacity

Give children agency through critical literacy
Sustain and affirm children’s linguistic, racial, and cultural assets
Read alouds offer a daily opportunity to engage with language comprehension skills. It is the time for children to develop the IMPORTANT – skills of vocabulary, content knowledge, language and text structure, verbal reasoning and literacy knowledge. AND the process of working on these language skills – in community with each other – builds children’s cognition, increases their ability to engage in higher order thinking and increases their ability to learn.

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What is a read aloud?
  • a shared classroom reading experience
  • a time when children are accessing texts, in community with each other, and scaffolded by a teacher
  • a collaborative and purposeful text-based discussion
Why do read alouds matter? They:
  • Build Language Comprehension
  • Give access and exposure to worthwhile texts
  • Enhance motivation, joy, and engagement
  • Help children to learn Critical Literacy, which gives children agency

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