Gearing Up for Back to School? Part II

As we continue to gear up for the start of the school year CLI would like to share reflections from CLI Model Classroom teachers about the impact they had on their students. We are excited to continue our work this year by building on the strengths of teachers to create sustainable change.  

Gearing Up for Back to School?

To gear up for the upcoming school year CLI would like to share letters from last year’s students reflecting on what they learned. Check back next week for reflections from CLI Model Classroom teachers! 


Early Education, Not Just a Short-term Investment

Last week, Ben Bernanke, Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System provided remarks for the Children’s Defense Fund National Conference addressing the crucial importance of effective early childhood support and public education to the success of our economy now and in the future.

Avoiding the Summer Slide

For many children, summer means swimming pools, sports camps, vacations and riding bikes around the neighborhood. With a two- to three-month long break from school, most kids don’t engage in as many intellectually stimulating activities and don’t read as much as they do during the school year, which can have a profound impact on their academic achievement from the previous year.

The Third Grade Milestone

Colorado recently took a major step toward ensuring all children can read by third grade when Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the READ Act. The law focuses on identifying and providing services for students who have reading deficiencies in kindergarten through third grades to better prepare students for more reading-intensive schoolwork and future success beyond third grade.