The Mid-Year Numbers Report

One on One CoachingWith the holidays behind us we are officially into the second half of the school year and, if you’re like me, this means taking stock of what’s been accomplished so far this year and where we still have to go. So where are we organizationally? Well, here are the numbers:

5 Strategies For Better Teacher Professional Development

Never Stop LearningIt’s difficult, if not impossible, for learning to take place when conflicting goals are set, unrealistic expectations prevail, and support is lacking. School districts often focus on alleviating these problems in the classroom — for students, that is.

Transforming Instruction: Success in the Field

CLI continuously works to ensure our professional developers (PDs) receive the necessary support to coach and conduct trainings in the field. To track program fidelity, PDs complete field reports three times a year – in November, February, and June. These reports are used to help improve our services while allowing PDs to reflect on the successes and challenges they encounter in the classroom.

The Practical Impact of CLI on Teachers

Teacher and CoachEver walk away from a training feeling totally excited about what you’ve learned only to get back to the real world and say to yourself “Now what”? I’ve been there – I’ve attended PD sessions where the presenter has been really engaging, covered a lot of in depth material and even made links to how this could benefit me in my role but one crucial component was missing – the “how”.

Small Revelations in a Chicago Classroom

A CLI Coach’s most powerful role is to raise teachers’ expectations for their students and themselves. Recently, a Chicago CLI Coach finished demonstrating a small group lesson with a second grade class and was astounded to see that the class’s teacher, Ms.

What Principals Are Saying About CLI

We’re just going to come right out and say it, Principals like Children’s Literacy Initiative’s impact on teachers, school culture and their own professional development.

In June 2014, CLI surveyed principals who had received CLI coaching services during the 2013-2014 school year. They were asked to reflect on the impact their work with CLI had on the teachers within their building, the overall culture of the school, and their own professional growth.

CLI Impacts Student’s Early Reading Skills

When Luiz walked into the classroom that morning he didn’t know it was going to be the day he would read his first book. Laura, the CLI Professional Developer and Rose, the kindergarten teacher, had been working on getting the students to build their reading stamina using sight words, familiar poetry and leveled texts.

Why reading? Why third grade? Why CLI?

Teacher in Class

“Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI) is a non-profit that works with teachers to transform instruction so that children can become powerful readers, writers and thinkers.”

This is why we come to work every day – a core belief that the cornerstone of