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By giving to Children's Literacy Initiative, you are supporting social justice, education, and progress.

Every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their dreams, and learning to read is a critical step in that journey.

Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI) has been an innovator in early literacy instruction for more than 30 years and we couldn’t do it without you. As a CLI supporter, you’re part of a passionate community who wants to see thousands of students across the country become strong readers, writers and thinkers. CLI has reached a new phase in its evolution, and we invite you to join us on the next stage of our journey.

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We are focused on helping teachers end colorblind instructional practices that, by design, fail to recognize, reflect, and amplify the cultural and linguistic assets Black and Latinx children bring into the classroom. 

Through job-embedded coaching, workshops, and books and materials, CLI supports educators in providing high-quality early literacy instruction that affirms children’s identities and creates safe and inclusive learning environments. 

Building on the successful scaling of teacher professional development initiatives, CLI helps networks of school communities and teacher training agencies create and implement durable, culturally sustaining, early literacy practice in the classroom.

How Your Investment Will Change Everything

With your investment, we can amplify reading outcomes for Black and Latinx children. Philanthropic investments can advance change, but some changes can change everything.

By giving to CLI, you’re supporting social justice, education, and progress. Your contribution will help us to continue to enhance our programs so that teachers and students across the country, no matter who they are or where they come from, have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Join us in doing more together.
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Make a gift. Your tax-deductible contribution fuels our work. With your help we can ensure teachers in under-resourced schools continue to have the training and resources they need to help students develop the reading skills essential to success. With your support, we can do more.

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